Frequently Asked Questions

How are points calculated?

The points system takes the weighted sum of the top 100 submission scores on distinct problems. The score of the \(i^{th}\) problem is weighted by \(0.95^i\). Formally, where \(S\) represents sorted scores and \(P\) a user's base points,

\[ P = \sum^{min(99, |S|)}_{i=0} 0.95^i \cdot S[i] \]

To not over-penalize users who have dedicated time to solving many problems, an additive adjustment \(B\) is made to the base point value. Where \(N\) is the number of problems a user has fully-accepted solution on,

\[ B = 150 \cdot (1-0.997^N) \]

A user's point score is then the sum \(P + B\).